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Wedding Skincare Prep: Tips for Brides-to-Be

Prepare for your wedding glow with these skincare tips: prioritize hydration, layer on rich moisturizers, exfoliate gently, care for your lips, use sunscreen, opt for warm water, eat skin-friendly foods, establish a consistent skincare routine, seek professional guidance, and manage stress for a radiant and stress-free bridal look.

6 Months Before

Meet with your esthetician. Start regular facial appointments with your esthetician at least 6 months before your wedding day. Beneficial treatments such as Microdermabrasion, LED Facials, and Chemical Peels can enhance the overall texture of your skin. By working with a professional, you avoid any risk of redness or breakouts in the weeks leading up to your special day

Revise your skincare routine. During your consultation with the esthetician, establish a rigorous skincare regimen. Consistency is crucial, so now is the time to enhance your daily/nightly routine. Your esthetician will consider incorporating specific ingredients based on your skin type, such as:

Vitamin C for brightness and glow

Hyaluronic acid for plumpness

Retinol, Peptides, Etc.

Explore laser hair removal. Say goodbye to unwanted hair! Laser hair removal typically requires 8-12 treatments, with recommended intervals of 4-8 weeks between sessions. Research and plan early to find the best treatment schedule for your needs.

5 Months Before

Prioritize body care. Don't overlook skincare beyond the face. Incorporate a body wash with salicylic acid or a gentle cleanser into your shower routine. Follow up with hydration using lotion or body oil.

Hydrate and eat well. Ensure you're drinking enough water and maintaining a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Healthy skin starts from within, so provide your skin with the nutrients it needs for a radiant bridal glow. Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces daily.

4 Months Before

Begin dry brushing. Enhance circulation and detoxify your body with dry brushing. Invest in a spa-like body oil and brush upwards towards your heart for 3-5 minutes before showering to promote circulation.

Reduce acne inflammatory foods. Sugar, dairy, red meat, and alcohol all negatively impact your skin and overall wellness. You don't need to cut out all of these things at once. You should be conscious of your intake and try to steadily reduce unhealthy habits to glow from within. This will boost your immune system, increase energy, and reduce inflammation.

Conduct hair and makeup trials. Schedule your hair and makeup trial at least 3 months before the wedding to provide feedback and ensure a stress-free wedding day. Wear the style throughout the day, take photos, and assess how it holds up. Pro Tip: Schedule your Bridal Makeup Trial on the day of your Engagement Photoshoot to see how your makeup will photograph on your wedding day.

3 Months Before

Design your perfect lash set. Take your bridal beauty up a notch with waterproof eyelash extensions. Collaborate closely with an expert to design and apply lash extensions that complement your style and face shape. Hoshi Bridal package includes 2 months of unlimited full sets and touch-up appointments, ensuring captivating eyes that speak volumes on your big day. Every bride deserves the enchanting touch of eyelashes on their special day. Whether choosing semi-permanent or temporary lash strips, rest assured they will add a touch of glamour to your eyes in photos and provide a refined elegance to your overall makeup look.

Master self-tanning. Whether through professional appointments or at-home products, find what works for you. Test products in advance to determine the ideal application timing and check for color bleeding onto white fabric.

2 Months Prior

Incorporate body scrubs and massages. Improve circulation and maintain optimal health with regular body scrubs and massages. Consider a lymphatic massage to reduce swelling and release toxins.

Practice nail care. Book a nail appointment for a trial and secure your wedding day appointment. Test different styles and assess the work of a new manicurist if needed.

1 Month Before

Final nail appointment. Book a nail appointment close to the wedding day for gel polish to guarantee chip-free and crack-free nails. Take this time to relax with friends and enjoy the pre-wedding moments.

Complete your look with the expertise of our professional makeup artist. The Bridal Glam package encompasses a Hydrating Facial Treatment, flawless Makeup Application, a Full-sized Lipstick, and a convenient Touch-up Kit. Trust our team to create a flawless and radiant bridal look that enhances your natural beauty. Prepare for your winter wedding with the ultimate skincare and beauty experience at our spa.


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