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Beauty Maintenance subscription

$50/Monthly Cancel Anytime

50% Off All Services

Maintain your skin, eyebrows, and lashes affordably! Stay ready for special occasions with glamorous makeup that complements your radiant skin.


Monthly Clean Skin Club Towels

Ensure your face is spared from bacteria commonly found on regular towels and provide a simple solution for many skin concerns while enhancing your beauty routine. 

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Hoshi Merch

Exclusive VIP Collection of Anime-Inspired Merchandise, featuring hoodies, makeup bags, sticker packs, and more.

Photo Studio Lights

10% off Photo Studio

Step into our aesthetically curated photo studio. From enchanting headshots to TikTok moments that resonate, this fully equipped space provides all the tools to transform your vision into reality.

simplify your monthly selfcare. 
Perfect your beauty regimen.

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