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[Hero Section]

  • Hero Image: A visually appealing image of a website design in progress or a satisfied client.

  • Headline: "Crafting User-Centric Websites for Your Success."

  • Subheadline: "Specializing in Wix, Shopify, and Acuity Scheduling."

  • Call-to-Action (CTA) Button: "Get Started" or "Request a Quote."

[About Section]

  • About You: Share a brief paragraph about your background and experience.

  • Experience: Highlight your 6 years of web design experience.

  • Expertise: Mention your expertise in Wix, Shopify, and Acuity Scheduling.

[Services Section]

  • Service Offerings: List your primary services with icons (e.g., Web Design, E-commerce Development, Acuity Scheduling Integration).

  • Brief Descriptions: Provide short descriptions of each service.

[Portfolio Section]

  • Portfolio Showcase: Display screenshots or previews of your previous works.

  • Project Names: Include the names of the websites you've designed.

  • Portfolio Link: "View Full Portfolio."

[Branding Section]

  • Brand Colors: Explain the importance of brand colors and the need for clients to provide them.

  • Inspiration: Encourage clients to share design inspiration or websites they like.

  • Logo: Request clients to provide their logo files if available.

  • Website Page Names: Ask for the tentative names of website pages.

[Additional Services Section]

  • 30-Day Social Media Marketing: Explain your capability to offer social media marketing services for brand promotion.

  • Brand Development and Design: Describe how you can assist in developing and refining the client's brand identity.

  • Benefits: Explain how these services can enhance the effectiveness of their website.

[Contact Section]

  • Contact Form: A form for clients to get in touch with you.

  • Contact Details: Include your email, phone number, and office address if applicable.

  • Map: If you have a physical office, embed a Google Map for directions.


  • Social Media Links: Icons linking to your social media profiles.

  • Copyright: "© [Your Name] [Year]. All rights reserved."

This landing page serves as a user-friendly introduction to your web design services. Make it visually engaging and easy to navigate. Explain the importance of brand colors, client inspiration, logos, and website page names in the design process.

Highlight your 6 years of experience in web design and specialization in Wix, Shopify, and Acuity Scheduling. Convey that you offer additional services such as social media marketing and brand development.

Ensure that your page is responsive, loads quickly, and is optimized for search engines. Include compelling visuals and persuasive content to encourage visitors to take action, such as contacting you for a consultation.

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